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  • I Love to Listen to People Talk

    Accents are something that sound different to everyone, but to me and other Synesthetes, they also have their own color, taste, texture too! I'm an Artist and Synesthete who sees colors when I hear music. I paint what I see and write children's books to teach kids, parents and teachers about the magical world of Synesthesia!
  • How I "See" the song "Anthem" by Emancipator, by a Synesthete

    How I "See" the song "Anthem" by Emancipator, by a Synesthete

    .. the combination of air, color, taste, and the feelings I got from it was magical. Then the violin comes, and I can feel it – normally violin is an indescribable color closest to a transparent golden ochre, yet the sound is clear and I can taste it on my tongue. There are clear, sweet pure “angel tones” and also the goosebumps rise on my skin and I can feel the strings of the violin running through my arms and creating tears in my eyes.