What’s it like to have Synesthesia?

Well, that’s a tough question- because I don't know what it's like to live without it!  For me, it’s not unusual in any way because I’ve had it every day of my life. I’m extraordinarily happy to have this gift, called Synesthesia. Approximately 4% of people have some type of it.

So what is Synesthesia? Apparently, “Synnies” possess extra neural connections that give us an enriched perception of the senses. 

I have a wonderful sensory perception called Chromesthesia. It’s a type of Synesthesia which enables me to naturally experience music with a few extra benefits. Clouds of moving colors and shapes, and much more.

I was a Dancer, and I paint Abstract Art while listening to songs that really move me. I thought that everyone experienced music the same way I do, and I was extremely surprised to find out that they don’t!

Please follow along with me on my website and Social Media to see more of my Artwork and Surface Pattern Designs, and to find out more about Synesthesia.

I have just published a Children’s Book called “Sereya’s Superpower” which talks about a little girl discovering her Chromesthesia. It is the first of a Series called “Synesthesia Kids”, which will showcase a variety of children with different types of Synesthesia!  

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