About Me

I am an Artist and Designer influenced by color and music.

I'm a Beach Girl who grew up with white sands & ocean waves.

I believe that surrounding yourself with color and music creates joy in your life!

I am one of approximately 4% of people in the world with Synesthesia, which makes color particularly alive to me.

(*More to come in the Blogs section and the "Sereya's Superpower" page)

I spent years overseas working in the areas of humanitarian aid, social justice and public health.  

In creating these patterns, I surround myself with my favorite colors and photos, put on my favorite music, and CREATE!

I love combining the microscopic and outer space worlds.

  • All Artwork & Designs are totally unique, created by Me and are available exclusively through Starshine Designs Art.

 I have made these available to share that joy with You!

Surround yourself with Beauty

Make your Life a Work of Art

You Deserve It!!