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Collection: Set of 4 Assorted Face Masks in Airflow or Quilted Fabric- (*Click Each Pic to see all 4 Designs in each Set)

Set of 4 Assorted Face Masks in Airflow or Quilted Fabric-
  • All designs are totally unique, created by me and are available exclusively through Starshine Designs Art.
These masks help protect you from dust, pollution, ash, allergies, cold, viral flu, fog, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, 2nd hand smoking, etc.
Hand painted designs made by Me!


  • This is our contoured coverage mask. Comfortable fit & a shape that contours to your face
  • Masks come in sets of 4, in breathable fabrics- either all in “Airflow” fabric or “Quilted 3-Ply” style (See photos)
  • Small enough to fit in pocket. 
  • Soft face mask with elastic fitting over ears
  • Washable and reusable - machine and dryer safe (although we recommend hang to dry)
  • Refer to our size chart. If your measurements are close to the size boundary, please order one size up 


How to Measure For Your Face Mask:

  • Measurement 1: Measure from the bridge of the nose to behind the ear
  • Measurement 2: Measure from the bridge of the nose to just below the chin


SMALL MASK  (Child Size)




Measurement 1:  Bridge of nose to behind 1 ear

5.7 – 6.1”

14.6 – 15.5cm

6.2 - 6.4”

15.6 – 16.5cm

6.5 – 6.8”

16.6 – 17.5cm

6.9 – 7.2”

17.6 – 18.5cm

Measurement 2:  Bridge of nose to just under chin

4.3 “









*Special note:  All are hand printed, cut & sewn. Measurements may vary slightly


* Not a medical mask.

* Masks are not returnable due to hygienic reasons


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