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Sereya's Superpower & More to Come!

This is the Home of my very first children's book, a semi-autobiography of a girl discovering she views the world a little differently than other people-- and it's WONDERFUL! 

People in many different countries have already discovered this bright, beautiful book about Synesthesia, and I hope to bring it to as many people as possible around the world- and at the same time-- bring the magic of Synaesthesia to children, parents and teachers everywhere!


Sereya's Superpower is the first in the series called "Synesthesia Kids", which will bring more varieties of Synesthesia to you!

Sereya's Superpower, a children's book about Synesthesia, for parents, teachers, children

In addition to Sereya's Superpower, we will soon offer a variety of other original children's books and journals. (Yep- they are in the works now!)



Our current journals are available on Amazon! Each Journal has my Artwork on the cover, and simple forms inside to keep your info in one place when you want to find it later!

They include:


 Expenses Tracker Easy Journal

Expenses Tracker -

Simple Expense Tracker 6x9" Journal with 100 pages to keep a record of your Business or Personal Expenses.

Make your bookkeeping easy when it counts by using this simple, straightforward journal to record all of the following and keep these in one place:

  • Expense type
  • Category
  • Payment Method
  • Date
  • Amount

It's small, easy to carry, easy to follow and nice to look at. Design is an Original repeat design I created in the spirit of Hokusai's Great Wave at Kanagawa. 

Simple Passwords Keeper Journal

Passwords Keeper -

Are you tired of forgetting the Website / Username / Password you need every time you use the computer?

This bright and colorful 100-page, 6x9" book is made to make your life easier in this age of constant computer use!

In an original pattern I created that's too bright and pretty to lose, yet small enough to tuck out of sight, there is plenty of space for your:

  • Websites
  • Usernames
  • Passwords

All in one place so you can find them when you need them!

Dream Journal to record your Dreams, thoughts, emotions, interpretation and more

Dream Journal -

Use this as a simple, straightforward way to remember your dreams, see patterns, and interpret your Dreams!

It's a 100-page lined Journal to record all the things surrounding your Dream Experience: your thoughts, emotions, dreams, interpretations and more.

6x9" size is perfect for nightstand or bag.

The Cover for this Dream Journal is my Original Fractal Art, "Butterfly Dreams"A perfect gift, too!

The perfect mixed jourmal for all Creatives- half for sketching and half for notes

A Special Sketch & Note Book

for Artists, Designers, Textile Creators, or anyone creative!

I made this journal because I couldn't find just-the-one I wanted!

Inside, you'll find part of each page blank for sketching, painting, or to attach swatches, yarn colors, flora, cuttings-- then the rest of the page is neatly lined so you can record any notes about the creation of your work or idea: when/where/why/how/ or anything your creative heart desires to re-create your experience! 

My Artwork on this Journal is inspired by Art Deco Flora.


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